NYC Ebony Domina, Mistress Martine Phoenix

I have been interested in the dynamics of power and control for as long as I can remember, even before I knew how to define those terms. It wasn’t until I viewed Nick Broomfeld’s documentary about Pandora’s Box (one of NYC’s premier dungeons) that I realized there were spaces where my impulses could be safely explored. Within a month of that initial viewing, I was accepted for training at Mistress Alexis’s Playgrounds, a small studio in Midtown.


At Mistress Alexis’s and later on the world-famous Arena Blaze, I learned that my need to invade others personal

space, elicit a reaction and cause pain, meant I was attracted to basic sadomasochism. With that knowledge, I began experimenting with corporal punishments, tortures and torments. In those early years, I was surrounded by extremely talented riggers and my love of restriction and bondage was quickly revealed as a more enveloping physical expression of my desire for control; it was another medium I truly adored. In these safe spaces, my various fetishes of interest (especially my love of all things foot related) kept expanding as, thanks to my fellow Dominas and clients, I was constantly exposed to more and more decadent and delicious things.

As my physical sadism developed, so did my adeptness at more psychological aspects of SM play. It became delightfully apparent that humiliation and degradation broke through the surface of physical sensation to become a truly invasive tool to have in my developing arsenal. More time passed. I found myself hungering for a more complete manifestation of all that I had experienced thus far. Through voracious reading and careful personal exploration, an affinity for Old Guard training and structure came into view. Within a classic household structure of clearly defined roles, there was the crystallization of all that I enjoy about training slaves, protocol, and structured D/s.

DSCN0277In short, I am fascinated with the power exchange inherent in D/s. My all-time favorite listing of enjoyable explorations include:

* corporal punishment
* genitorture
* bondage
* breath play/control
* verbal and physical humiliation

I go into a bit more detail about these interests on my session information page.

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