On Keyholding

Keyholding has become an unexpected pleasure of mine. Goes along with my yen for subtle public humiliation, fine dining and domination, making you kneel on the sidewalk. Unfortunately, not every submissive is suited for such advanced bondage and denial of the natural male sexual drive to fuck everything that moves is sometimes an insurmountable obstacle. I, on the other hand, view long-term caging as the perfect tool for teaching you complete focus on me, my wants, wishes and desires. Perfect!

Chastity cage keyholding

How long do you think you could handle it? Being locked up tightly in chastity while in my presence? Intense compression? Teased and tormented by my subtle and unmistakable scent, direct looks and teasing touches? Knowing that you are fully on display to an unsuspecting world through the symbol of the key around a chain on my neck? Restraint inside of a CB6000 is rather unforgiving. Of course, your Mistress would be doing her level best to make sure your enjoyment was tempered with discomfort. All the while, treasuring the cool metal adorning her sking.

Chastity Mistress Keyholding NYC Dominatrix Mistress Martine Phoenix

I’ve previously written about the pleasures of chastity in other posts and have begun exploring keyholding with a new trainee. We haven’t gotten to that point of continuous caging. For him, at the moment, chastity is a temporary condition, a matter of hours, but something that I require whenever we are together. I use every opportunity he is locked in smooth, rigid plastic to push him further into submission, into his devotion to me.

There are other distractions, other obligations. Time is sometimes an enemy; logistics, too. However, in the face of an opportunity to fulfill a need so deep as to supersede the conventional retreat into safety, security, Suburbia; what is one to do but submit to the wishes of this ebony Goddess?

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A Random List of Pleasing Things

Pleasing. Pleasure. Precision. Discipline. Beauty. Manners. Impermanence. Sei Shonagon Kiyohara Nagiko has been working through my thoughts lately, a frequent character in my recent musings, especially her various lists of pleasing, worrying and distasteful things. Reading her Pillow Book, one can easily imagine her, a Mistress strict and demanding, shielded from the prying eyes of curious passers-by with silken screens. Men compelled to do her bidding are summoned to her side, always to be found wanting, later to be memorialized as irritations. Brush and inkstone and paper perpetually at the ready. Riding crop and whip partially hidden from casual view.

Her standards are high, nearly impossibly so. What good Mistress’s aren’t? I feel a kinship, to some degree, with her points of view ranging from the petty to the profound; intriguing how a 13th century Japanese lady-in-waiting informs and influences this 21st century New York City Dominatrix. What I keep rewinding and reviewing are the things and actions that move Me. Things that excite and inflame My senses. Over recent weeks, I have had much opportunity to reflect on those ideas and it seems appropriate to make my own (somewhat random) list of things that are pleasing to me, especially within the realm of service and D/s.

NYC Dominatrix Mistress Martine Phoenix

tightly braided singletail whips freshly unrolled from a mailing package
the feeling that blossoms when removing your silverware and feeding you solely from my plate
tight soft smooth jersey stretching smoothly over a lithe frame
sleekly manufactured colored seamed nylon stockings
the longing in your eyes when I secure the lock on your chastity cage
crudo: thinly sliced fish and sea salt and citrus decorated with the lightest splash of good olive oil
rattan canes made to crack and swish through the air landing on unmarked skin
human packages tied up in deliciously scented oily to the touch hemp rope, tightly
catsuits that hug so tightly move so closely and I forget they are on

NYC Dominatrix Mistress Martine Phoenix

boots. shiny boots. leather boots. platform and high heeled. zip or lace-up. to the knee or above
you worshiping those boots with no expectation of reward.
men wearing lacy panties under a tailored and proper business suit in anticipation of a meeting
spreading pink blushes
invading your space with my presence
invading your body with my needles sounds metal
crisp Sancerre served in beautifully blown glass
forbidding your speech in public
being deferred to
being served

…to be continued…

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Subway Thoughts: Bondage and Domination

I’ve been taking the subways a huge amount lately. There really is no better way to make one’s way around, especially at holiday time. As a New York City Dominatrix, people’s public ill manners have certainly set off many reflections on behavior modification, bondage and domination. If nothing else, I have wonderful mental images to distract me from my irritation.

NYC Dominatrix Mistress Martine Phoenix

I find nothing objectionable about sitting in this manner when I’m doing it. However, when some male sits on a bench designed for 3, spreading his legs out to the extent no-one else can sit with him, he is screaming to be disciplined. There even seems to be a Tumblr blog devoted to pictures of just this phenomenon. Check out Men Taking Up Too Much Space On The Train to get a better (??) view.

It wasn’t much of a stretch of the imagination to see those mannerless males bound in rope, not to be comfortable, but to serve My sadistic whims in a whole new manner.

Isn’t this an improvement?

rope and leather bondage

This certainly feels like the bottom is much better utilizing the space.

casting and duct tape bondage with electrodes

Of course, one cannot just go around imposing one’s will on an unsuspecting public. However, I am a Disciplinarian and Behavior Modification Specialist. I believe that most males today could do with a sound whipping and heavy dose of ego-shattering humiliation. There is no better way of starting the training process with lessons in stillness and obedience, two areas sorely lacking in today’s society.

After all, who more qualified to bestow the hard lessons involving bondage and domination and most of all, submission to Mistress’ whims and will, than Me and other Women of My ilk? You may be a slow and reluctant student, but always remember, I relish emphasizing the points I need to make. Especially using my favored tools of rope, whip, cane and cuff…

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Tangled in rope



I love rope. This has been the case almost from the beginning of my entry into the wonderful world of BDSM. I’ve attended many rope dojos, debated over the merits of hemp vs nylon vs silk with many a practitioner, strung up willing bodies more times than I can count and have offered myself up as well. All this in the pursuit of getting to know my chosen medium as well as I can. However, as with any practice, there is always more to learn.

Bondage has been coming up in my thoughts a great deal lately. Time allowing, here are rope shares and tying intensives I’d like to attend, experiments in hemp treatment and conditioning I’m preparing to embark on, bodies I imagine in the rope hanging suspended. However, the question keeps arising, why do I tie? What is it that I am trying to achieve when I have a pile of rope and a pliant body? Is it bondage purely for the sake of ornamentation? The pleasure I take in restricting another’s movement, controlling their position?

There is always some kind of immobilization I require of my submissives and play partners. It could be mental or physical or both. On occasion, I will feel amusement simply ordering my bottom to hold a given position while I test their determination to follow instruction. However, it is more satisfying for me to KNOW that they cannot move. Rope layered on rope layered on skin, holding them quite literally in thrall to my whim.

As a present to me, my pet has become quite adept at preparing hemp rope. Just running the newly treated lengths through my fingers, feeling the soft heavy slightly oily texture coil and uncoil around my fingers, imagination starts to run. I see myself standing in , my favorite room at Parthenon, subject at my feet…

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Phoenix’s Favourite Things, part 1 – CBT


Definitions according to urbandictionary.com:

CBT stands for “Cock and Ball Torture”, a type of sm practice involving the infliction of pain to the male sexual organs. Torture can be inflicted by: Slapping, Squeezing, Pinching, Weights/Parachutes. The testicles can stand great pain but caution should be taken.

In some cases, “Torture” is considered “Play”. The testicles are simply tugged on or stretched out. Most men find handling, stroking and squeezing gently is a pleasurable sensation. Some enjoy using ball stretchers to achieve a longer sac.

Cock and Ball torture can also be cock and ball teasing. Playing with a man’s scrotum can be painful or pleasurable. The goal of BDSM is to make CBT both painful and pleasurable.

There is probably no activity more emblematic of the relationship between FemDom and malesub as all variations of CBT. I don’t know of a Lady, professional or lifestyle, who doesn’t indulge in the intensity of single minded sadistic focus on a man’s prized possessions. For me, CBT can consist of just the simple act of resting my foot on the crotch of a potential to gauge his reaction. On the other end of the spectrum, I have been known to load on as many clothespins as the sac and cock of my otherwise bound subject can hold, wait just long enough for the skin to acclimate to the pressure and laugh while carefully cropping off each one.

I love the rush I feel, playing in such an intimate fashion, being able to command my bottom’s attention so immediately and directly. Even as I type these words, my mind’s eye flashes to a memory of my left fingers tightly encircling my partner’s scrotum, its skin taut and shiny while the crop in my right hand keeps time with beats patted out on the balls beneath. One might think that force is the major key to this scenario. Rather than immediately inflicting agonizing pain, I prefer to play with rhythms, pressure, manner of delivery, anything to keep the waves of sensation going through my subject, radiating from the center of his being.

There are seemingly endless ways to execute CBT on a willing (or, not so willing) subject. I especially enjoy utilizing clips, clothespins and clamps. During a recent trip away from NYC, my travel assistant was requested to find the nearest Home Depot and while inside, I proceeded to dreamily empty as many containers of clips as possible into my shopping basket. My play partners over the next few days were all subject to being used as test dummies for my new toys! When I don’t feel so subtle, a few flicks to the genitals, a gift of single tail kisses to my sub, are quite satisfying. All delivered with a smile, of course.

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Play and Inspiration

I’ve been holding myself back for so very long, haven’t allowed myself to play for my personal pleasure in quite some time. It feels like a whole section of myself just shut down, dark and waiting for inspiration which I got in spades this past week on my first trip to the Pacific Northwest with a long-time devoted pet. When I think of him during that 5 day period, my memories bring a smile to my lips contemplating him decked out in lacy panties and stockings keeping him on the edge while I came over and over filling him with plugs and cocks fucking him wearing nothing but my knee highs/patent leather heels/strapon/smile compressing his skin with my arsenal of clips and clamps leaving the most delicious marks on his body with my riding crop and whip and my essence in his nose and mouth in as many ways as I can think of to amuse myself.


Now that I’ve returned, it’s a slow re-adjustment to the eastern time zone, brain still floating on a cloud of nearly continuous play and good service and toothsome food and attentiveness and no sleep mixed in with the excitement from that new city and its dramatic mountainous landscape. My focus shifts and I feel that something sleeping inside begin to stir as I contemplate my newest amusement, a young, eager boy, wishing to become my slut and fucktoy. Nothing has happened yet, it’s as if I’m taking the time to savor and enjoy our initial intercourse from a distance, fully appreciating the anticipation being created. However, when I allow myself to do so, I will take pleasure playing with him, mouse to my cat.DSCN0330

It’s good to start feeling balanced again.

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Toronto, June 22-26

It’s time for another visit! During this trip, double sessions are available with one of My favorite play partners, Master K. He is tall, fit, Scandinavian, sadistic and possesses a wicked sense of humor. With Our chemistry, forced bi and cuckolding sessions are definitely on offer.

Pre-booking is preferred and a nominal deposit required to reserve appointment time (accepted via Paypal). Visit the “Session Information” section for an idea of what activities make Me smile. Then, contact Me to begin the process.

I’m looking forward to it!

Same Day Sessions in Brooklyn – May 25

I couldn’t think of a better way to kick off the start of summer…spending some time with me at my Brooklyn studios! On Friday, May 25, from 11am until 9pm, sessions are available with 3 hours notice. If you are an experienced submissive, masochist, fetishist or new fish wishing to see what this is all about, here is a chance to become acquainted with my world.

Sessions I especially enjoy include elements of bondage (rope, leather cuffs, mummification), corporal punishment (canes, crops and singletails are favorite implements), humiliation, objectification, trampling, genital torture or maybe, just the chance to worship my perfect size 10 feet.

While I will be accepting appointments with short notice, pre-booking is always appreciated. Contact me at info@mistressphoenixjade.com for more information.

The pleasures of chastity

During my years as a lifestyle and professional Domina, I have always been amused to see how many men are totally into wearing chastity devices. The restraint could be no more complicated than a rope cinched tightly around the genitals for a few hours. At the other extreme, a cage made out of plastic or metal with padlocks and accessories meant to be worn for month-long stretches is a very real option. For a Mistress enamored of sessions involving tease and denial and cuckolding or just interested in total control of their submissive’s every reaction, knowledge of these devices are indispensable to taking playtime to a new level.

One of My devoted pets and I have recently been discussing the pros and cons of various types of chastity accessories. I enjoy the thoughts that invariably arise during our conversations: wickedly teasing him with my perfect figure to get him hard. Laughing at his distress and inability to masturbate since his cock is under lock and key. The pleasure I would continually experience knowing that even in my absence, he is completely and effectively controlled.

A great many men could benefit from being kept in penile lockdown mode especially since they are basically controlled by their erotic desires. I have always maintained that keeping strict control of one’s submissive is a necessary component of training. If one’s penis is kept under lock and key and orgasm is not an option, think how much better it would be to rechannel the energy that would normally go into thinking about sex toward serving one’s Mistress in a more pleasing fashion.

Chastity can be the door to a whole new beginning and deeper understanding of submission.

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Mistress’s weekend – an offering from c.

This entertaining story was written as a present to me from one of my devoted pets.  Hope you enjoy it as much as I did…

Well, let’s see, just thought I would remind all my retainers how nice it is to be totally pampered and catered to.

I have just returned from a weekend in the country at one of my pet’s estates.  Not only did he send a limo for me but it came stocked with some delicious food to nibble and a bottle of champagne he had selected from his own wine cellar.  When I arrived at his manse, I was greeted by a beautiful female servant and relieved of my coat and bags.  A red ball gag in her mouth, clamps on her pert nipples and the smell of hot cunt in the air…I knew she’d come in handy later on.

Immediately, I make my way to the fully equipped dungeon, my thigh high leather boots with the five inch heels crushing the rose petals my pet had strewn on the hard wood floor, that lead me to him.

Ah… There are not many sights as delightful as walking into a dungeon and finding a pet waiting for you, on his knees in the kow-tow position, offering him or herself to their Goddess.

So vulnerable, so giving, so ready to receive my abuse…and what’s this I see…? Are those some drops of pre-cum that I detect, glistening in the candlelight on the floor directly below the purple head of his stiff cock?

That’s what I like to see, and what a fitting compliment.

This makes me so hot that I waste no time. Without saying a word, I approach him and stand with the toe of one of my boots next to where his forehead is touching the floor. He pants in anticipation and I can feel moisture between my legs. He knows that I am going to have him greet me by licking my boots, but I wait.

The anticipation grows. His panting becomes heavier. His cock twitches, and finally…yes there it is…another drop of pre-cum falls from his meat and hits the floor. I rub my leather clad toe in it and tell him to lick it off.

Breathlessly, he thanks me as his tongue laps up his juice. I raise the toe of my boot off the floor, rocking back on the heel and tell him to show me how hungry he is by taking as much of the toe into his mouth as he can.

He eagerly obliges, stuffing half my foot into his mouth.

Oh What Fun!!
Oh What A Sight!!

Now the fun really begins. I order him to his feet and tell him to take his place at the wooden X, facing the wall and to secure his ankles to it.

After locking his wrists in place, I select one of my favorite, custom made canes from the arsenal. This one has soft leather wrapped around one end, so as to prevent slipping from my hand. On the business end, a small hole has been drilled and a thin strip of leather has been slipped through it and tied in a loop, creating a small leather tassel, ideal for tormenting nipples and balls.

I instruct him to stick out his ass and prepare for my first swat. I wave the cane through the air… I love to hear it whistle, and it also keeps him off guard, never knowing which one is the one that is going to connect and then…WHAM!

The cane catches both his ass cheeks and he recoils and yelps his thanks. The burn is instantaneous and almost immediately I can see the welt starting to form.

I connect again, and again, alternating between his tender thighs and his lily white ass cheeks. With each swat to his ass I can feel a pulse in my clit, and I can feel it starting to push against my damp panties as it grows more stimulated and engorged.

I remember the femme slut upstairs, and with the tip of my cane, I press the button on the intercom, summoning her.

More blows are delivered with the cane and I start to dance around, teasing his meat with the leather at the tip of the wood. My pet writhes in delirious pain induced ecstasy as I continue to raise welts on his flesh, making it appear as if he has sat on some sort of red hot, psychedelic waffle iron.

I run my fingernails over his burning skin, tracing and aggravating some of the beautiful welts I have just created.

I unshackle him and have him lie down on his back. I tell him to move his ass around on the floor, further irritating the burning lattice work that I have created.

He moans and groans…how I love those sounds…
…and what’s this?

Why here is that girlslut, just in time. Her chest covered in her own drool, and her nipples throbbing from the clamps.

Right on cue she kneels before me and assumes the kow-tow position, displaying to me the juice running out of her glistening, shaved pussy and the plug inserted in her ass.

across the small of her back, written in garish, rubyred lipstick it reads:


and across her ass cheeks,


And I thought I was having fun already…