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On Keyholding

Keyholding has become an unexpected pleasure of mine. Goes along with my yen for subtle public humiliation, fine dining and domination, making you kneel on the sidewalk. Unfortunately, not every submissive is suited for such advanced bondage and denial of the natural male sexual drive to fuck everything that moves is sometimes an insurmountable obstacle. I, on the other hand, view long-term caging as the perfect tool for teaching you complete focus on me, my wants, wishes and desires. Perfect!

Chastity cage keyholding

How long do you think you could handle it? Being locked up tightly in chastity while in my presence? Intense compression? Teased and tormented by my subtle and unmistakable scent, direct looks and teasing touches? Knowing that you are fully on display to an unsuspecting world through the symbol of the key around a chain on my neck? Restraint inside of a CB6000 is rather unforgiving. Of course, your Mistress would be doing her level best to make sure your enjoyment was tempered with discomfort. All the while, treasuring the cool metal adorning her sking.

Chastity Mistress Keyholding NYC Dominatrix Mistress Martine Phoenix

I’ve previously written about the pleasures of chastity in other posts and have begun exploring keyholding with a new trainee. We haven’t gotten to that point of continuous caging. For him, at the moment, chastity is a temporary condition, a matter of hours, but something that I require whenever we are together. I use every opportunity he is locked in smooth, rigid plastic to push him further into submission, into his devotion to me.

There are other distractions, other obligations. Time is sometimes an enemy; logistics, too. However, in the face of an opportunity to fulfill a need so deep as to supersede the conventional retreat into safety, security, Suburbia; what is one to do but submit to the wishes of this ebony Goddess?

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