Toilet Servitude and Golden Showers

Any good slave knows that to be useful to their Mistress, it is necessary to offer up their body, mind and soul to Her in the manner which pleases her most. Every day at Her feet and under Her direction is another opportunity for a sub to serve, amuse and please Her. There are many activities within the world of BDSM that this Mistress enjoys, many ways for me to objectify, humiliate and put a slave in the proper mental state. High up on my list is toilet servitude, which consists of giving golden showers.

Morning showers

Golden showers (for those of you reading who are wholly unaware of this particular activity), otherwise known as urolagnia, is a fetish in which sexual excitement is associated with the sight or thought of urine or urination. When I actually figured out what watersports were early in my training, I loved indulging myself. Some of my favorite early sessions at Arena Blaze took place in one of the dungeon’s bathrooms.

That back bathroom was equipped with a 5 feet wide, 4 foot deep, tiled tub clients paid to sit in for the entirety of a shift. During the 5 or 6 hours they were there, it was their privilege to serve as a toilet for each Mistress wishing to relieve herself. Over and over again, I experienced a rush entering the bathroom to stand high above my temporary urinal on the edge of the tub’s tiled surface. The sensation of marking my property was intoxicating and it wasn’t long before I began experimenting drenching personal clients with my special champagne.

Now, my enjoyment has moved to more intense spaces to test. In order to test my submissive’s devotion, sometimes, I will require them to drink days old piss, saved up for the purpose of slaking their thirst. Allowing them a chance of communion with the Goddess they seek to worship. Drowning them in my nectar and being forced to wear the scent all day; a constant reminder of their place in my world.

Treats for Good Boys

It is my form of baptism.


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