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Fiction: a slut for Phoenix

You, the Goddess of my dreams, who is, in fact, the Goddess of my reality, instruct me to be at a certain address at a certain time. i do so because i am a slut and i belong to Goddess Phoenix.
Once i am escorted into the dark room where i am told You are waiting for me, i immediately disrobe and assume the kow-tow, in a show of respect and total subjugation to You. The flesh of my body that belongs to You trembles down to the core of my being as i await the deep, burnt honey tone that is Your voice, and Your first words. You let the tension build to the point where i wonder if You are even in the room and then You speak.
“We are going to hit the road today, pet. We are getting on that highway heading north to visit some friends of mine. I am feeling especially deviant today; here is my plan.”
You stop, apparently distracted for a moment, i can’t tell as i am still with forehead to floor, and then You resume speaking…
“Oh my! Look at that. I appear to have formed a wet spot on my black silk panties, just thinking about what we are going to do today! Can you believe that, pet? Would you like to come over here and see, for yourself, hmmmm? No need to answer, I know what a greedy slut you are. Stay where you are. Let’s see how wet they get while I get you ready.”
(at the edge #1)
You tell me to put on my sluttiest black stockings, the fishnets with the seams. Remembering that one of them has a run, i tell You so and You laugh and say how appropriate that is because.
“i am a slut and i belong to Goddess Phoenix.” i reply
When i have finished putting on the stockings, You tell me to approach where You sit on Your throne. Kneeling at Your feet, presenting my nipples to You i bask in Your heat with the smell of leather from Your gloves, boots and corset mixed with Your most secret scent enveloping me, completely intoxicating.
You lean forward and take a a nipple in each hand and start to tease, pinch and torment them. You reach down with one hand and ping the tip of my prick with Your thumb and forefinger and my body shudders. You tell me that You are going to make me up just like Liza Minnelli in “Cabaret” with the cute little mole, when she most definitely was hot. Then i am going to put on the black dress You have picked out for me and the patent leather fuck me pumps. Finally, i will be plugged with a remote controlled vibrator and nipple clamps will be attached to my already screaming tits, beneath my black bra, and we are going  to drive up to Your friends with me continually bringing myself to the edge.
(at the edge #2)
Once i am prepared, You don Your finest jodhpurs, white linen blouse and black velvet riding jacket. Tall boots along with black leather riding gloves complete Your ensemble and we are off  for the the car. Approaching the passenger side door, i hold it open for You to get in. You laugh.
“How do you expect to keep yourself at the edge during this ride? Not while driving! certainly not while I am in the car! Get in. I will be driving this time.”
As we get onto the highway and i near the edge yet again, You start to explain…
“Have you ever ridden in an eighteen wheeler pet? You see those guys have a very interesting view from up there. When you ride in a car you really don’t think about it because, well you just don’t think what their perspective might be. But if you ride up there you discover something very interesting. As you pass a car and look down…the only thing you can see, because of the angle, is the lap of the person in the front seat. You can’t see their face, because it’s blocked by the roof, or even their chest really, because it’s usually blocked by the door frame, unless they have the seat way up front. It’s really quite amazing how all you see is the crotch, very clearly, unobstructed, but just the crotch. So. Pull the meat that is attached to you, but belongs to me, out of your slutty, pre-cum soaked panties and hike that dress up.”
Now, every time i pass a semi, you know what that trucker is going to see? He is going to see my slutty pet, jerking his cock to the edge.”
You smile broadly and laugh in delight as You start to pass the first Freightliner. Your cock is leaking and swollen as You pull alongside the huge machine and let the guy in the cab have a good look, and then You are past him. You set the car at cruise and tell me to light up some smoke for You. as You puff You explain that there are many, many truck stops and rest areas between here and our destination. You tell me that those truckers talk on their CB’s like old ladies, because there’s nothing else to do, and pretty soon, every rig on  this road is going to know  to look for this car, and maybe it would be very amusing to You, deviant Goddess that You are, to pull over at one of these rest areas and have me get out and go see if any of these truckers “need anything.”
My nipples ache, my butt filled and vibrating, my cock dripping and swollen, we start to overtake another semi as i find myself…
at the edge #3
After what seems like hours of driving, we arrive at an old stone house, deep in the woods somewhere upstate. You shut off the engine. The inside of the car smells like hot cunt and as i look down at my lap, i see that my panties and the tops of my stockings are stained with the pre cum that has been oozing from me for the whole ride. i have been to the edge so many time that i have lost count. i feel somewhat delirious.
You explain that we are going to enter the ‘Inn” and after brief greetings, if any, we are to proceed to Your room, where i will assume the position on the floor on my back. Once You have relieved yourself, we will then proceed to the greeting room to meet our Hostess. From the moment we enter the main house, i will be on my knees, following You, with my eyes trained on Your ass, and nowhere else, unless instructed to do so. As is expected, i will be the perfect slave, abiding Your every command, and doing all You demand of me, without hesitation or discussion. You conclude by telling me that my body will be used as You see fit, and my holes are Yours to fill with whatever You desire.
Thanking You for the privilege, i inform You that i am
at the edge #3
…and You laugh. “Good! Get out, open my door and get the luggage.”
As i do so two naked slaves. naked except for the leather collars around their necks and the metal cages around their straining dicks, come out to assist with our luggage. As they approach i see that they both have clamps attached to their nipples with weights swinging.
Once in the room, i am on the floor instantly. Immediately Your panties are off and You are stuffing them in my mouth. They are saturated with Your cunt juice, and i suck the sweetness down my throat. You squat and then sit Yourself onto my face and unleash a torrent of the hottest, tastiest juice into my mouth. Gulping madly to swallow every job, i inhale deeply through my nose, which is buried in Your ass hole.
At the edge again, i remove my hands from my cock and work my nipples as my body convulses with the stifled orgasm. Finishing, You tell me to clean up any errant liquid that may be on Your cunt lips. i do so gently kissing and licking Your soft sweet labia.
You rise and, telling me to keep Your panties in my mouth, You attach a leash to my collar and You lead me out to the party.

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