Kink and Tennis: a fortnight of Wimbledon fantasies

I usually have kink running in my head. As would be expected from someone who traffics in sexuality and deviance, there is some type of twist involved in my everyday thoughts, which makes for interesting viewing of vanilla events. My love of tennis is no exception.

For years, I’ve kept up with tennis through watching the Grand Slam tournaments, my favorite of which is Wimbledon. This is an event rife with strict adherence to etiquette, which governs every aspect. There’s something about the tradition of this very special championship which has always appealed to me, a former Anglophile and royal watcher. I thoroughly enjoy this athletic event which seems to be one of the last not to be overwhelmed with advertiser come-ons emblazoned on the playing field, where civility and gentility take precedence over the rough boorishness which characterizes sports in 2013 and even players’ outfits call to mind another time, another world.

The fantasy I enjoyed for the fortnight of the most recent tournament centers around punishing the loser of that day’s marquee match right on the emerald green of the lawn playing courts. This¬†Domina with a long-time interest in Britain’s class structure, eccentricity and kinkiness¬†would enjoy the comfort of the Royal Box, dressed cool and comfortably in white dress and heels, rattan cane leaning against my chair. While I indulged in strawberries and cream, sipping from a crystal flute of champagne, the players would push themselves even harder to win, knowing that the loser would be subject to 2 of my best sets of six. These thoughts have certainly made for interesting viewing, taking into account the big name players that have been losing left and right. Imagine, Roger Federer wearing stripes from my cane!


IMG_2787 - Version 2
My tennis whites!

Of course, the more I think about it, my kink-laden approach to tennis has more in common with games at the Roman Colisseum rather than the tournament at the All England Lawn Tennis Club. However, keeping in mind certain British predilections for punishment, my fantasy may not be too off the mark.

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