Recently on Twitter, there has been a hashtag making the rounds: #notyourrescueproject. It’s been giving me a good deal to think about since I first saw it and started reading stories of various sex workers behind the tweets. An overview can be found here.

I made the conscious decision to enter this career. I was neither forced or trafficked into it. If given the choice, I would certainly make the same decision to become a professional Mistress. I have always considered myself a sex worker and feel real solidarity with other types of providers: strippers, PSOs, escorts, cam girls, porn stars. There are certainly easier ways to make money, more respected, less marginalized. However, I continue with this one.

When I began working in the domination houses of NYC, I vaguely comprehended the level of independence a truly successful Mistress enjoyed enabling her to conduct life in a way inspiring envy to the general population. Even now, it amazes me how many cottage industries have been established in the fetish and porn industries, not through the traditional companies, but through the skill and creativity of ladies I have so much admiration for.

For the most part, clients and close friends evince shock when they realize all my long term plans involve continuing along my chosen path. I am continually shocked by their complacency and willingness to be locked into the ordinary, average. Of course, there are other things in my life that fulfill creative urgings; photography, drawing, painting. However, nothing really challenges me the way crafting a new and fresh session for a long time play partner or satisfies the way certain of my skill sets is able to do. Not surprisingly, I delight in the control I get to experience everyday in this line of work.

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